June 09, 2010


I guess it's time for an update on the lebron thing.  not like I have any news anybody's looking for -- this blog is only about OUR feelings, opinions, reactions.  last time I posted, it looked like we -- the cavs -- could be headed for the NBA finals.  no such fucking luck.  and since this side of the nbl is all about and only about MY thoughts, feelings, and reactions, don't be thinking that you'll find anything BUT that.

so, when we last spoke, we had hope.  hope and tremendous excitement for Cleveland basketball and my city.  we -- the cavs -- were still in the playoffs and playing well.  really well.  it was thrilling.  I was a fan -- as I said in the previous post, a fanatic fan (yes, I know -- redundant). then came game 4 of the Cleveland-Boston series.  Cleveland was up 2 games to 1.  game 4 was in Boston.  cavs lost.  no big deal.  it was a game.  sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

game 5 back in Cleveland.  series tied 2-2.  jax and his girl, carrie, came with us.  the city was flying high.  before 3 or 4 minutes were up in the first period, I knew we were watching a basketball team meltdown.  I couldn't watch.  it was fricking unbelievable.  I had to pick up my iPhone and play solitaire to keep my blood pressure down.  

I am NOT, nor will I ever be, nor do I aspire to be a basketball expert.  all I know is that the cavs were totally not interested, involved, or engaged in this game.  ESPECIALLY lebron.  what the fuck?  all the experts want to talk about the coaching, the lack of any kind of offensive strategy, the elbow, whatever.  I'm sure that a lot of things contributed, but the overriding factor was the fact that the team fell apart.  totally and absolutely.  something happened.  I don't know what it was (frankly, I don't give a fuck), but it was there.  it.  was.  there.  and it pisses me off more than I can say, because these guys are in the BUSINESS of playing basketball.  and as professionals -- they acted like self-indulgent CHILDREN.   dan gilbert, the owner, said what I would have said -- that we didn't deserve that.  I paid 5600 HUNDRED DOLLARS for my 4 season tickets.  and close to ANOTHER THOUSAND for the seats during what little playoffs the cavs enjoyed.  pffft.  fucking grow up, assholes, and get out there and play basketball!  

but they never did.  they went down in game 5 in flames.  they sucked.  the series ended with game 6 in Boston where the cavs had 24 turnovers.  lebron had 9 of those.  unfuckingbelievable.  [you may or may not have noticed, but I sometimes make an effort to reduce the swearing.  sorry.  not today.]  

game 6 in Boston may have been the last time lebron will play as a cavalier.  nice job, bron.

at this point, I have already purchased my seats -- again -- for next season.  I fully plan to enjoy them next year.  I have faith that dan gilbert will put together a team.  that's HIS business.  

I'd love for lebron to stay.  for my city.  and because he IS a phenomenal player when he WANTS to be.  who knows if he will or is even entertaining the possibility of staying.  right now, he's just enjoying the summer of lebron.  it's ALL about lebron.  he is star of the world.  I'll be surprised if he doesn't call a press conference during the last game of the finals so that everybody tunes in to HIM and not the game.  more and more, everything is only about HIM.  

I'll never be the lebron fan that I was.  I thought, naively and mistakenly, that he was different.  that he cared about his city, that he wanted to be real, that he wanted to be a role model.  I believe now that he only wants to be the biggest celebrity ever.  that he is a pampered, spoiled millionaire, loving every minute of this carnival.  and he couldn't care less who knows it.  I don't believe one word he says -- everything that comes out of his mouth is a public-relations script.

we were driving into the city with friends the other night past the gigantic lebron photograph on the side of a building.  at the end of the season, the "witness" word was erased, replaced with the post-season motto, "one for all."  

they should change it now to "all for me."  don't count on me, bron.  not anymore.        

Posted by Stacey at June 9, 2010 04:06 PM

Well said. As far as I know. Cuz you know I know so much about this. But I can FEEL your heart. So very well said, Stace. I'm sorry bron turned out to be a douche and such a disappointment to the city.

Posted by: Keri at June 10, 2010 12:20 AM