December 10, 2012

Advice to Rep. John Boehner

180 years ago, on December 10, President Jackson, attempting to keep our young republic together published his Proclamation Regarding Nullification. It is a lengthy argument advanced against the South Carolina legislature's vote that it would not collect tariffs on foreign goods imposed by the Federal government, and if required to do so by force, would secede.

Various groups are circulating petitions in favor of secession in some states, and Jackson's Proclamation might remind those individuals about the purpose of the United States of America.

But more relevant and instructive, particularly for you and your fellow Republicans in the House of Representatives, 180 years later, to the day, is something President Jackson pointed out about part our republic's underpinnings:

When chosen, [members of the House of Representatives] are all representatives of the United States, not representatives of the particular State from which they come. They are paid by the United States, not by the State; nor are they accountable to it for any act done in performance of their legislative functions; and however they may in practice, as it is their duty to do, consult and prefer the interests of their particular constituents when they come in conflict with any other partial or local interest, yet it is their first and highest duty, as representatives of the United States, to promote the general good.

It seems that there are many in the Republican Party serving in the House of Representatives who are unaware of their duty, their "first and highest duty, ... to promote the general good."

The Bush tax cuts have generated significant deficits because the government decided to spend a lot more than it was bringing in to fight two wars. The tax cuts should have been eliminated back then. Surely, you cannot truly believe that refusing to raise taxes upon a small segment is consistent with you "first and highest duty, ... to promote the general good."

Posted by Bill at December 10, 2012 12:08 AM