January 15, 2013

Detroit No Flying Car Show

I'm not into car shows, but it seems that every other ad on the websites I have visited is about the new cars at the Detroit Auto Show, which is officially called the "North American International Auto Show."

There is a new style of Corvette and an electric Cadillac, an upscale Chevy Volt, that is. And the electric car company, Tesla, has a gull wing two trunk pseudo-SUV it is putting out for conspicuous consumption.

Volkswagen has unveiled a concept vehicle called a CrossBlue. I was interested because here is an innovative car company introducing a vehicle. But as reported in the Huffington Post, "Volkswagen wouldn't say whether the vehicle will be built, or when it might go on sale, but called it a 'realistic glimpse of the future.'"

It doesn't fly. 150 years after the birth of Henry Ford, I can announce that there is no flying car.

I had such high hopes.

Posted by Bill at January 15, 2013 05:35 PM