March 17, 2010

Cleveland International Film Festival

The 34th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival begins tomorrow with its opening night events; then, on Friday, the real fun begins with 300 films being shown over the next week and a half.

If you are in or around Cleveland for the next 10 days, you might want to catch some flicks. The better half of the blog over there on the left and I have about 9 movies picked out, along with the Best Commercials of 2009. I think I have recovered from the significant psychological trauma caused by seeing Surveillance last year to return to Tower City Cinemas without having any flashbacks, although I did have some discomfort picking up tickets yesterday at the movie house.

I'm staying away from any film in which any "Lynch" takes part in any capacity.

Oh, to follow up on the last post to this half of the blog, someone called me -- said she was from Homeland Security -- and warned me not to perform my electrical shock experiment on Peeps, as I had promised to do. It seems that because of my previous intimate relationship with electricity in the past -- you will recall the big black-out covering most of the eastern half of the U.S. and Canada a few years back that was traced to an "event" in northern Ohio -- I have been enjoined from performing such experimentation. I suppose it is for the greater good.

Posted by Bill at March 17, 2010 12:36 PM

I hope that you are both enjoying the films. We just get the French TV festival here - though we did steal it from St Tropez of all places.

Peeps all over the US must be sleeping securely in their cellophane wrappers (if that's what they come in) knowing that they will not be electrocuted, this year at least

Posted by: Anji at March 20, 2010 10:43 AM