May 12, 2010

Spreading Infection

What is happening in China? This is like some horror movie in which people catch a virus and go on crazed killing sprees, or it's like something that happens in this country.

This morning, or last night where I am, a man hacked seven kindergartners to death and chopped 11 more, then took his meat cleaver to two adults in the school, killing them. The killer committed suicide.

A week and a half ago, a farmer hammered five kindergartners and a teacher, luckily not killing anyone, before setting himself on fire while holding two children, who were yanked away from the man by teachers.

The day before that a man with a knife stabbed and slashed 29 kindergartners along with two teachers and a security guard.

And just the day before that, a man broke into a primary school and wounded 15 students and a teacher in a knife attack.

When school ended on April 12, a man with a meat cleaver killed a child, a second grader, and woman in her 80's and wounded five others.

Back in March, a man stabbed eight elementary schoolchildren to death. He was executed on April 28. I'm assuming that he exhausted all of his appeals at the time he was put to death.

This infective craziness in China is similar to what occurred there back in 2004, when on September 11, a man armed with a knife and homemade explosives attacked and maimed 28 children at a kindergarten; and then, on September 20, 2004, a bus driver injured 25 children with a kitchen knife at a Primary School. The bus driver was sentenced to death and executed.

Ten days later, a primary school teacher killed four children with a knife in a first grade class and wounded nine other children and three teachers, before taking 65 students hostage. Police coaxed him out and took him into custody.

Same as it ever was.

Posted by Bill at May 12, 2010 10:56 AM