July 10, 2010


this is MY last word on the subject. don't be coming HERE for any more lebum updates.

dear lebron,

you said that your "real" fans will still support you. you don't seem to understand that that is who you've really lost. all you have left are your basketball fans. you wanted to be a role model. there are 15 guys every year who earn a ring. there are plenty of those guys to look up to in the nba, if that's your new definition of a "role model."

your "real" fans believed you when you said that it was it was about more than a game. remember that? "more than a game?"

one day when you look in the mirror, the person that looks back at you will show you that you lost even him.

i am NOT and forever will NEVER be,
your #2 biggest fan

Posted by Stacey at July 10, 2010 12:37 PM