December 23, 2012


From the on-line edition of The New Yorker, 12/18/2012, Daily Comment, So You Think You Know the Second Amendment by Jeffrey Toobin, Comments:

Originalism is some cases is worth holding on to, like no more slavery. Just like the 2nd amendment. Applied ehics going on here. Libs are all about pro choice when it come to abortion, but public schools and to bare arms??? hmmmmm
Posted 12/21/2012, 12:09:26pm by batcavenc

I am trying to understand the comment of batcavenc.

Is this an example of sarcasm? The Constitution permitted slavery, but banned the importation of slaves after a certain period of time -- that was the cause of that whole Civil War thingy with all kinds of armed militias from different parts of the country taking aim -- and then the 13th Amendment ended slavery.

And what about the 2nd Amendment? I agree that a bunch of hicks, my friend, DT, for instance, enjoys their guns -- oh, that's "ehics." batcavenc means "ethics." I see.

What was I thinking?

I'm a liberal guy. I don't think that I will ever get an abortion; but if someone wanted to get one for a reason that is personal to him or her, I would not stop it. I'm all for public schools -- I campaigned for the Cleveland school levy.

But I do not believe in short-sleeved shirts being worn with a suit. And while I think that sleeveless t-shirts, wife-beaters, in the parlance of our times, are fine for men to wear under shirts, I am opposed to them being worn in restaurants and baseball games and concerts and, generally, anywhere that I am present, except maybe at a construction site or if you are my grandfather working in his garden.

So, there is, in my opinion, no absolute right to bare arms; and if that does not comport with the liberal philosophy, well, so be it. I have to draw the line somewhere. I guess I wasn't raised right.

Posted by Bill at December 23, 2012 10:45 AM