June 25, 2006


smash fried potatoes.JPG

for my entire adult cooking life, my go-to recipe for potatoes has been my world-famous fried potatoes. i'll not post that here. i doubt i'll make them much again now that i figured this method out. NO MORE SLICING POTATOES! freedom!

way too easy this is. adapt it with whatever herbs and/or spices you like. fry them with butter, vegetable oil, olive oil, or oil AND butter. yesterday, i fried them in olive oil, chopped garlic, and chopped fresh parsley. today i fried them in only butter with salt and pepper. do what YOU like. you cannot mess these up.

red / new potatoes (however many you need)
shortening (butter and/or oil)
salt and pepper and whatever else you want

place your potatoes in a frying pan. add enough water to come to just over half the height of the potatoes. bring water to boil, cover pan. shake the pan every once in a while to move the potatoes around. make sure water does not boil off. cook potatoes until fork tender, making sure they're cooked through entirely.

drain off water. add butter or oil to dry pan. while butter or oil is heating over medium high heat, place the potatoes one by one in a kitchen towel, and SMASH using the heel of your hand. when oil is ready, place smashed potatoes back in pan and fry them up. i like it best when the smashed potato stays in one piece, but it really doesn't matter. just make sure you let the potatoes develop a nice crust.

no peeling. no slicing. what could be bad about these? nothing. that's what.

Posted by Stacey at June 25, 2006 09:49 PM